Culture and tourism

Osterøy is known as one of Northern Europe’s largest inland islands surrounded by the mainland on all sides and with only one narrow outlet from the fjord system where the Sørfjord and the Osterfjord meet.

The island has an area of 329 km2 of which 253 km2 belongs to the municipality of Osterøy, the rest belonging to the neighbouring municipality of Vaksdal. By 1st July 2015 the municipality had a population of 7906.

Osterøy is a 30 to 45 minutes travel by car from the centre of Bergen. From the town centre you have two options. Either travel to Indre Arna, through the Arnanipa tunnel on the road to Voss, and cross the bridge to Osterøy at Herland.
The other alternative is travelling from the town centre through the suburban area Åsane towards Breistein where you can take the ferry to Osterøy.

Fjordslottet Hotel , Fotlandsvåg - pages in Norwegian
Osterøy Minihotel – Lonevåg
Skjerping gard

Where to eat:
Bella Rosa, Lonevåg
Fjordslottet Hotel and Bath, Fotlandsvåg
Kjellarn Kafe & Sportsbar, Valestrandsfossen
Ole Bull Kro, Valestrandsfossen
Osterøykroa, Lonevåg


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