Trade and industry

Traditionally Osterøy is known as an agricultural area, and even if the number of farms has been reduced during the latest years it still is.

The island is also known for its active industrial environment with many small firms and factories. These are mainly metal works which basically are family businesses.
Traditionally people from Osterøy were known as good builders, and they still are. The building profession is still strong on the island, and you’ll find several master builder firms.

The municipality has its own organization, Osterøy Industrilag, which works together with the local authorities to supervice and assist with business development for both established companies and companies wishing to start up.

In Norway breeding of salmon has been known for many years, already in the 1850’s hatching of roe was done to help forth the natural stock of salmon. There has been a great development in this area. Experience and good results from research has led to great interest and development in the industry, and it now includes several other species. The fish-farming industry has grown to become a large employer in the costal areas.
You will see several salmon fish-farms in the fjord system as you travel round the island.
At Valestrand there is a fish processing factory Lerøy Fossen where it during work hours is possible to buy various products made from Norwegian salmon.

fish farming
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